Postpaid Plans – Studying the Example

Postpaid Plans - Studying the Example

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. They are used not just to make calls but to communicate via social networks and browse the Internet. In India, there are several mobile operators who offer various prepaid and postpaid plans, so it might not be an easy task to choose the best one. Besides, prepaid and postpaid plans both have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s study the example below closely.

Airtel Postpaid Plans

Airtel has lately offered decent postpaid plans. MyPlan Infinity postpaid plans from the telco start at Rs 399, while the more expensive plan is available at Rs 2,999. All plans come with a one-year Amazon Prime subscription. The data benefit ranges between 40GB and 300GB. The Sunil Mittal-led operator also partnered recently with Netflix and provided a free Netflix Basic subscription for postpaid plans priced above Rs 499. All postpaid plans include an Airtel TV subscription, which is the best OTT content application available. Airtel TV subscribers can enjoy premium content for free by partnering with ZEE5. Airtel’s postpaid plans are Rs 399 to Rs 499, Rs 649 to Rs 799, and Rs 799 to Rs 1,199, Rs 1,199, R 1,599, and Rs 2,999.

Rs 399 – Airtel

This is Bharti Airtel’s starting postpaid plan. It offers 40GB of 3G, 4G data per month for subscribers. Airtel’s plan details state that this plan includes unlimited calling and data carryover. Additional benefits include a free subscription to Wynk. Airtel has also made a change to offer a free Amazon Prime subscription for ONE YEAR.

Rs 499 – Airtel

The Airtel postpaid plan bundles 75GB of 3G/4G data per month for subscribers. Apart from unlimited calling, this plan offers data rollover and a data bundle facility. Subscribers of this plan get free access to Wynk Music and Airtel TV. They also receive handset protection and a complimentary Amazon Prime Membership for one year.

Rs 649 – Airtel

Airtel’s new plan offers a slightly higher data benefit, with 90GB of 3G/4G data per month. Subscribers get unlimited calling and a free subscription for Wynk Music, Airtel TV, handset security, and Amazon Prime membership for one year. This plan also offers an optional add-on connection.

Rs 799 – Airtel

Airtel’s postpaid plan increases the data benefit to 100GB of 3G/4G data per month. Along with unlimited calling, there is also a data carryover option. This plan, like other plans, offers unlimited access to Wynk music, AirtelTV, and handset protection. It also includes one year of Amazon Prime membership. Airtel offers three additional connections to this plan.

Rs 1.199 Postpaid Plan from Airtel

This postpaid plan from Airtel offers a data benefit of 120GB 3G/4G data per month. It also includes a data transfer facility. This plan includes access to Wynk Music, Airtel TV, handset protection, and a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime. This plan includes four additional connections to the primary number.

Rs 1,599 – Airtel

This plan offers 150GB of data benefits, including a data transfer facility and 3G/4G data. Unlimited calling is included in the plan, as well as additional benefits such as Wynk music subscriptions, Amazon Prime subscriptions for one year, and Airtel TV subscriptions until December 31, 2018. Airtel Secure is an additional feature that comes with this plan. It supports three add-on connections and generates a total bill for four numbers.

Rs 2.999 Postpaid Plan by Airtel

Bharti Airtel also offers a premium postpaid plan that costs Rs 2,999 per month and provides 300GB of data per month. You also get unlimited data transfer and unlimited calling. The best thing about this plan is the fact that it allows four additional connections. This means that the bill can be split between five numbers. FUP is not included in the plan for add-on connections.


Whether you stick to prepaid or postpaid plans, it’s important to outline the benefits you would like to obtain. Some users prefer to have conventional plans without additional subscriptions. Teenagers prefer to choose various options for social media and the Internet. We believe a prepaid plan is better in terms of convenience and psychological comfort. Besides, they usually have pleasant benefits for various services like Netflix, Amazon, etc. 

Postpaid Plans – Studying the Example
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